6 Bathroom Trends You Wouldn't want to Miss

A bathroom is and should be the most special room in your home. I say this because it is not only a place where you can go to get cleaned but also ease of your day`s stress, and relax. Therefore, when remodeling or renovating that bathroom, have it in mind that you are creating a place where you can be yourself not just a cleaning space. Hence, every aspect of the room has to meet this goal while working to meet other cleaning goals. To help you achieve this, the following are some of the bathroom trends you have probably missed this year.

1.Creative Vanity Areas
One of the top trends in bathroom designs is focused on the vanity area. This area comprises of faucets, countertops, cabinets, and hardware. While most people might think of lighting and mirrors as secondary to this area, most designs now indicate the contrary. In fact, if these features are used strategically, they brighten up the room as well as the body. Trending designs are focusing on the lighting scheme by employing creative lighting fixtures and techniques which feel relaxing and luxurious. Some designs have incorporated millwork for the vanity to give a warm look in the bathroom. Ariel vanities offer a range of styles and designs that can suit various interior designs.

2.Unique Tiling
In a bathroom, tile is probably the most used material. However, technology has revolutionized how this material is being applied in our homes and especially in the bathroom. Manufacturers are now able to offer not only varying colors but also tiles of different shapes. New bathroom designs are introducing a mix of tiles with a different shape which I think is cool. The shapes are used to create a unique pattern on the floor, shower walls and sometimes the roof to give that bold accent most people desire in their bathrooms.

3.An Accent Wall
A bold statement on the wall is good, but in the bathroom, that`s new. Modern designs have shown trends in more abstract ideas like brushstrokes and fine art. An accent wall is an eye catcher, especially in the bathroom. It creates a focal point and a bold statement of your character, and style. Also, this is another area where you can input all your creativity that sets your bathroom apart from the rest.

4.Heating Systems and Appliances
Technology has been of massive influence in the modern bathroom. Some people are incorporating an underfloor heater in their bathroom design. An underfloor heater helps raise the temperature of your floor hence avoiding the need to use slippers. The good thing is that this technology can be used with a variety of bathroom flooring styles such as vinyl, tiles, concrete, and even wood. Other appliances such as an under counter refrigerator which can be placed near your Ariel vanity is another emerging trend.

5.Bathrooms are going High-Tech
The toilet has been the most talked about regarding high-tech, but the bathroom is quickly making its way too. Some modern bathrooms are fitted with a smart shower that knows your preferred water temperature. It has an inbuilt music system that plays your favorites as you shower. There are also faucets that turn on water automatically when they detect a hand under them,such facets can be used with your Ariel double sink vanity.

6.Smaller Bathrooms
Over time, many homeowners have realized that small is the new big for their bathrooms. The trend in small bathrooms is inspired by efficiency. However, you will need to be a little creative and good at decision making to avoid a cramped look. Single person bathtubs are more popular with this kind of spaces, and an Ariel freestanding bathtub would be the best fit. You would also have to go with a small size vanity probably a smaller inch Ariel bathroom vanity.

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