Bathroom Vanity Designs You Probably Didn't Know About

A time has come when designs that employ minimal storage in the bathroom are out, and more practical designs have set in. When we talk of more storage, you probably think that this will clutter the bathroom due to the small space but what you don`t know is that there are more creative ways to increase storage without ruining that décor. Ariel bathroom vanities are proof that even in a small bathroom, there is more space than you think. The following are some of the vanity designs you are probably missing out on this year.
1.Neutral colored Vanities
The most popular neutral colors that designers are going with are ebony, gray, and white. Neutral colors especially the ones mentioned here complement most bathroom styles and décor. White, for instance, is preferred because it makes spaces look bigger especially in constrained rooms. Ariel bathroom vanities are ideally the best regarding color and style, they stand the test of time, and with neutral colors, you are less stressed about repainting the wall.

2.Open Shelved Vanities
In the recent past, openly shelved bathroom vanities have grown in trend. Bathroom vanities with open shelves are both stylish and convenient. In fact, they make the bathroom look luxurious, more inviting, and spa-like. Some people put the open shelves at the bottom while others opt to build them on the wall. If you consider adopting this idea as well, think Ariel bathroom vanities set.

3.Open Bottom
The time is long gone for the flat to the bottom bathroom vanities, and current trend seems in favor of vanities with open bottoms. They make the bathroom look less clustered and are, therefore, best suit for small bathroom spaces. However, if you intend to go with this kind of vanity, makes sure that your flooring is covered with tiles to the wall.

4.Floating Vanities
A floating vanity is a sleek, contemporary yet perfect design detail for your bathroom and works with a variety of designs. If the interiors are well done, it could be the focal point of your bathroom. This style gives more storage space and a stylish look in the bathroom.

5.Quartz and Marble made Sinks
Materials such as marble and quartz are now common because they make the sinks look brighter and lighter. This style is preferred because it provides a lot of flexibility since it seems to work with every kind of vanity. Marble is now preferred over granite because it looks darker while marble has a smoother design which looks calm. Ariel bathroom vanity sets provide a variety of quartz as well as marble sinks and countertops.
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