Common Bathroom and Kitchen renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When considering to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, it is crucial to develop a plan first before anything else. A plan acts as a roadmap to your desired look,and most importantly, it helps create a budget for the entire job. Remodeling requires a lot of effort and not to mention cash, and even with a plan in place, mistakes do happen. To help you avoid some of the common renovation mistakes, here are a few tips.


In any renovation works, the budget is an important area that requires a lot of consideration. For instance, you may find your dream Ariel steam shower in your friend`s house, in a magazine, or any other media but if you cannot afford, it won`t work. However, there is always something that is within your budget and will still give you that same dream bathroom effect. Instead of a steam shower, you can opt for Ariel bathtubs which have a variety to choose from.

Don't DIY, Hire a Professional

Most people feel empowered through the internet and think that they can do everything by themselves. Though it is cost effective and fun to do so, renovation especially plumbing is not part of the things you can do and would require licensed contractors to help you get the job done. Though it might be a little costly, it is worth the perfect look in your bathroom or the kitchen.

Overlooking the Layout of the Room

Whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom, the layout of your space is critical. Failure to do so, you might find yourself too squeezed in your kitchen or can`t get out of your Ariel bathtub without stumbling over something. It is for this same reason that some kitchens have oversized and overloaded islands. Large kitchen spaces look better with two islands while a peninsula works better in smaller spaces than an island.

Making Changes during remodeling

Another common mistake that most homeowners make is changing their initial plan along the way. Ensure that everything is in place because making changes when work is in progress can increase your costs and probably cause a deficit in your budget. Whether it is your Ariel freestanding bathtub, steam shower or Ariel bathroom vanity, ensure it arrives before your contractor is ready to install.

Inadequate Storage Space

Storage in a kitchen is as essential as it is in a bathroom. It is necessary to make plans for adequate storage space when remodeling your kitchen as well as the bathroom. A good designer will help you tailor the storage to fit items stored in specific areas. In the kitchen, your goal for remodeling will determine the look of the shelves, countertops, and other areas in the kitchen. Ariel bathroom vanities offer a wide range to select from that are both pocket-friendly and suitable with custom designs. People make a mistake of overlooking storage in their bathrooms because it`s not a thing that most people think about.

Taking the Wrong Measurements

Taking the wrong measurements for cabinets only to find out later that the appliances can`t fit in once the job is done is a big mistake during remodeling. This mistake costs homeowners a lot and can be frustrating. To avoid such mistakes, take the measurements of your kitchen appliances and bathroom vanities several times or share images of these cabinets with your installer. Ariel bathroom vanities come in different sizes that can suit any space.

Being Afraid to Change

Remodeling can range from a slight change in your kitchen or bathroom to an entire makeover. Some people think that moving items is difficult and might increase the remodeling cost. However, you don`t have to live in an awkward room just because it might be a little costly. Alternatively, increase flexibility by purchasing items that are less strenuous to move. An Ariel freestanding bathtub would be economical to use in such a case than a built-in bathtub.

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